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The 3 Biggest Mistakes Women Make When Giving Up Financial Control

Financial control is an important part of life. But when you've given up too much of it, it can feel like you're at the mercy of others. Learn how to take back financial control by avoiding these three common mistakes.

Looking for a Prince

We all need a sense of security and safety. We feel safe when we know that someone will protect us. When we are young, we often think that this protection comes from our parents. As we grow older, we realize that we must also provide this protection ourselves and learn how to overcome our money fears. If we don't, then we might not survive.

Giving up financial control and your future may mean that, when you need to take charge, you feel helpless:

  • What if your husband or partner dies or wants a divorce?

  • What if you want out of the marriage?

Not Getting Real

Assuming you're like most people, you're leaned to disregard the chance of divorce. All things considered, you both vowed to adore and honor each other.

Also, not many of us get hitched aiming to divorce. Weaned on fantasies, we rely on "happily ever after."

However, fantasies are pretend—equivalent to the youngsters' films that impart in young girls the fantasy that, sometime in the not so distant future, their knight in shining armor will arrive and solve everything.

Reality can be significantly more cruel. Generally, 50% of marriages fail. Getting your finances in order doesn't mean you have to divorce, not at all. But just as you prepare for life's surprises, learning about money and how to manage it is crucial in case you need to take care of your own finances someday.

No Preparation

Women need an action plan, especially one that spreads out what to do if you ended up alone.

Not taking action will be detrimental to your finances and will make life more difficult. As an ever increasing number of women work, become knowledgable with your finances and deal with themselves. Break the fantasy that prince charming will come along and provide a secure future.

How can I Help You Live Your Desired Lifestyle?

I’m offering you a complimentary one-on-one session where we discuss your goals and dreams. Let’s chat, I’d love to listen and understand your unique situation.

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