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How is Your Money Mindset?

True wealth, in my opinion, is a sound financial attitude. The ability to do whatever I want right now, in my opinion, is true wealth. My financial situation should provide me the freedom to manage my time.

A sense of wellbeing, according to Angus Campbell, a renowned social psychologist at the University of Michigan, is what leads to financial happiness. Having a strong sense of self entails being in charge of one's life. This is still true more than a century later. True wealth is having the freedom to do what you want, when you want, and with whoever you want.

A healthy mindset recognizes when you've had enough, especially with overcoming your money fears. It's harder to say than to do how to feel like you are enough since as humans, we want to find pleasure and avoid suffering.

It's in our wiring to survive. Threatening feelings trigger our fundamental drives. By passing through the gate of self-awareness, we advance "up" Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs from the most fundamental demands to self-actualization.

  1. Maslow's hierarchy of requirements places our desire for survival at its core. This stage in Maslow's hierarchy of needs is physiological and centered on basic survival.

  2. The Maslow hierarchy's next level describes how we are motivated by rewards and punishments. Our urge for connection to others and belonging is the main focus of this reward stage.

  3. We are motivated by our desire to learn, create, and make the world a better place at the latter stages. This level in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs places a strong emphasis on status while also focusing on self-worth and self-actualization.

You can pause and decide to act in accordance with your desires when you can harness your understanding of the reasons behind your actions as a hard working woman. We are aware that motivation counts, much like trust and morals, but we frequently find it difficult to pinpoint our motivating triggers.

Are you making purchases in an effort to impress acquaintances or loved ones who you don't even know? Do you ever ask yourself "why" when you do or have done something like that? I encourage you to look at the motivations driving your financial mindset. Get financially and physically fit. It is more than just exercise; it is a trip to "inner size." Now is the time to explore what is right for you.

How can I Help You Live Your Desired Lifestyle?

I’m offering you a complimentary one-on-one session where we discuss your goals and dreams. Let’s chat, I’d love to listen and understand your unique situation.

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