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How to be a Powerful Woman

Sometimes, we forget we have the attributes to be a powerful woman. We forget that we are:

  • Intelligent

  • Ambitious

  • Innovative

  • Leaders

We forget that we are more than what our peers perceive. But, it is time to remember:

  • You hold power to speak up and take charge

  • You can lead those who may question your authority

  • You have a voice!

You are a powerful woman.

Learn from Powerful Women of History

Powerful women of history know their worth. Have you ever heard a comment similar to, “You hit like a girl” and how this comment held a demeaning narrative? Let’s flip the script. Yes, “I hit like a girl!” I have power behind my fist, and I pack a powerful punch! Pack every day with a powerful punch, take the initiative, stand up to bullies, and show the doubters how wrong they are. Know your worth by showing up every day a better version of yourself.

Know your worth when you price your time. Know your worth when offered a new position. Take charge when you know you have the power to lead and recognize that sometimes supporting and lifting up others can be more valuable. Remember, you have the voice to switch the narrative.

Here’s a great powerful woman quote from Eleanor Roosevelt: “Women are like teabags. We don’t know our true strength until we are in hot water.”

We Can Hold Many Titles

Mother, daughter, sister…entrepreneur, leader, supporter; all titles we should be proud to hold. Knowing that we are more than just one thing is empowering in itself. The ability to juggle entrepreneurial life and home life is a challenge, yet you are succeeding. We think that is pretty dang empowering! So take time to reflect on your titles and hold them with pride.


  • I am an amazing mother

  • I am a successful female entrepreneur

  • I know that supporting is just as powerful as leading!


How can I help you live your desired lifestyle?

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